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1st Quarter - ORIGAMI

Page history last edited by Rowen Monks 8 years, 10 months ago

1st Quarter Origami Projects


Project Date:


   Friday, September 29, 2011.



Supplies needed:


   12 SQUARES of paper





  •    paper must be square, not a close approximation of squares.
  •    paper should not be smaller than 5" x 5".  It gets too hard to fold if it's any larger.
  •    paper can be; copy paper, medium weight construction paper or origami paper.
  •    please try not to use notebook paper, post-it notes, or heavy-weight construction paper.
  •    paper can be of ANY color, or lack therof.  Your choice!



 Grading scale (expectations):


   I will teach you how to fold the basic unit of origami during class.  I will then demonstrate (individually if necessary) how to assemble the 6-unit shape as well as the 12-unit shape.  I need to see, before class is over for the day, a completed 6-unit shape for a "B" in the class, and a completed 12-unit shape for an "A" in the class.


   Extra credit will be assigned to any individual who completes a 30-unit sphere without any help from me.  These extra credit forms need to be turned into me before the end of the quarter (October 13).

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