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3rd Quarter Project - MATHEMATICIANS!
Mathematician Project Specifications:

This is a research project designed to acquire awareness of a mathematician, and to assist students in utilizing technology via the internet, through PowerPoint presentations, and also using other media material.


  • ·         Title (or title “slide”)
    • Ø  Geometry – PowerPoint presentation:  9 slide minimum – 8 for project, 1 for bibliography
    • Ø  Algebra 1 – PowerPoint presentation:  7 slide minimum – 6 for project, 1 for bibliography
    • Ø  Middle School - poster for displaying
  • ·         At least one picture from the internet
  • ·         At least 1 book resource and 1 “certifiable” internet resource (more are okay)
  • ·         Bibliography including one book source and one internet source


Project must include:

  • ·         Who is your mathematician?
  • ·         Where/when did they live?
  • ·         What were they known for?  Why are they important?
  • ·         Is their work still in use today, or have they been proven incorrect?
  • ·         If you find anything else interesting about your mathematician – tell us!


 Project will be graded on:

  • ·         Originality of work – did you plagiarize another person’s work?
  • ·         Is your project interesting or just “run of the mill”?
  • ·         How was your presentation of your mathematician?


Extra Credit:

  • ·         Sounds to slides, but not too many to be annoying!
  • ·         Other media sources
  • ·         Attention grabber
  • ·         Able to answer valid questions about mathematician
  • ·         Could demonstrate level of mathematics of project

This project was given on January 4, 2012 with a due date of March 6, 2012.  This project is worth 200 points that will be vital to the 3rd Quarter Grade.  The students are expected to give an oral

presentation of their mathematician on March 6.


Links to:


Mathematician Rubrics


list of students who chose their mathematicians... 

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