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Class Expectations

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Course Expectations

IBMYP Integrated Math 1, 2

William J. Palmer High School


Teacher: David Bakalyan        Teacher: Paul Hartman                 Teacher: Rowen Monks            Teacher: Fatiha Rabia

Email: david.bakalyan@d11.org Email: paul.hartman@d11.org         Email: rowen.monks@d11.org  Email: fatiha.rabia@d11.org

Planning: 2nd, 5th                         Planning: Tutoring Center            Planning: 2nd, 5th                         Planning: 2nd, 3rd  


Basic Class Rules and Expectations.  You are responsible for your learning. To be successful in this class, you need to:


ü  Participate with a positive attitude

ü  Attend class, be on time, and be in your assigned seat when the bell rings

ü  Bring math notebook and materials daily

ü  Respect other students’ opinions, ideas, and personal property

ü  Be responsible for your work; no copying

ü  Read, write, and communicate mathematical ideas.

ü  Ask questions and/or ask for help

ü  Visit the math tutoring center and embrace the Awesome

ü  Keep your personal electronic devices silent and put away


Textbook and Materials

We will not use a textbook for this course, however the students will be drafting their own math resource notebook (spiral or 3-ring binder)


  • ·        Pencils are preferred. Colored pencils are helpful for notes. No pens on quizzes or exams.
  • ·        Spiral notebooks or 3-ring binders for math class. Graphing paper will be very useful.
  • ·        Protractor (semi-circle thing that tells you angles and has a straight edge)
  • ·        Scientific calculator  (needs to have trigonometric functions and inverse trig functions)


GRADES.  Grades are kept electronically using the D-11 Q Gradebook.  Grades are accessed using ParentConnect or StudentConnect.  Exams are worth 100 points and quizzes are worth 50 points.  The semester final is worth two unit exams.  A score of zero indicates the assignment was not completed.  You are responsible to coordinate with the teacher to make up missing work.  Please keep all graded papers until the end of each semester to avoid possible discrepancies and to correct any grading errors.  If a grading error is suspected, please see the instructor and bring the assignment(s) with you.  Rounding of grades is the teacher’s discretion.




Exams and Quizzes


Classwork Assignments


MYP Tasks




Grading Scale

Letter Grade

90% -100%


80% – 89.9%


70% - 79.9%


60% - 69.9 %


Below 59.9%











IB MARKS.  In addition to a course grade, IB Marks will be earned for assignments graded using IBMYP Mathematics Rubrics.  Each semester final exam is graded using Criterion A: Knowing and Understanding and earns both IB Marks and an exam grade.  The IB Mark will reflect the student’s scores evaluated on a scale of 0 - 8 with Criterion A: Knowing and Understanding, Criterion B: Investigating Patterns, Criterion C: Communicating, and Criterion D: Applying Mathematics in Real Life Contexts.  Each criterion will be assessed at least once each semester.  IB Marks are calculated as an average of the Criterion scores each semester.  Rounding of an IB Mark is based on the instructor’s discretion.


If a student is absent on the day of an MYP Assessment, they are responsible to make up that task in the Tutoring Center.  Students will have one day for each excused day absent to do this.



IBMYP Mathematics Rubric

IB Mark – see task specific rubric for mark indicators/details and course grade conversion

Criterion A: Knowing and Understanding

0 – 8

Criterion B: Investigating Patterns

0 – 8

Criterion C: Communicating

0 – 8

Criterion D: Applying Mathematics in Real Life Contexts

0 – 8

IB Mark

Sum of IB Marks  4


QUIZ/EXAM POLICIES.  If you miss a quiz, you will have an opportunity to make it up during the next class.  If you miss that opportunity, coordinate with the teacher for a time to take the quiz.  You need to coordinate with the teacher to make-up an exam.  You are responsible for getting the notes for missed instruction.  You have until the day of a unit exam to retake quizzes for that unit.  For a missed unit exam, you have up to five (5) school days to retake a unit exam.


Graded exams and quizzes are retained by the teacher and are not released as they are secure test items.  Graded exams and quizzes may be reviewed by visiting the tutoring center and may not leave the tutoring center or be reproduced in any way.

CLASSWORK/HOMEWORK.  Classwork is assigned to build proficiency in concepts learned in class and to prepare you to succeed on quizzes and exams.  You are expected to complete classwork and bring it to class to make corrections and ask questions.  If you do not complete classwork, then you are generally not prepared for exams, which determine the overall grade.  Classwork is due according to the assignment sheets.


LATE/MISSING CLASSWORK. Late classwork is accepted up to the day of the unit exam for all work done during that unit.  Late classwork receives 90% credit.  You are given one day extension for every day absent.


ABSENCES: Class attendance (including arriving late) are recorded each day. Please check Q regularly to verify classroom attendance.


EXTRA CREDIT: Extra Credit is not assigned.  If an opportunity for extra credit arises, it will be announced.




            I started my college years as a Civil Engineering student with an emphasis in Environmental Engineering.  Throughout my tenure at the University of Wyoming, I discovered I was tutoring more of my peers, than engaging in my studies, and found that I enjoyed teaching others math.  I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Regis University in the area of Mathematics, with an emphasis in Secondary Education.  I live on a ranch near Limon, and entertain too many hobbies and too many animals.  My interests include Astronomy, Entomology, Geology, Arachnology and also amateur Paleontology.  I also enjoy calligraphy, skiing and snowboarding, outdoor adventures, anything to do with Science-Fiction/Fantasy especially Star Wars, Military Aircraft, and the “Swords and Shields” part of medieval history.  My pets include 8 cats, 3 dogs, occasional horses, about 100 cattle depending on the time of year, 1 freshwater tank, 1 saltwater tank, 20-30 tarantulas, 3 millipedes, 1 vinegaroon, 4 scorpions, various other arthropods, and the list goes on and on…



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