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list of students

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Algebra 1                                                        
N A    Babylonean Mathematics
B H    History of Pi
C P    Stephen Hawking
W P   Invention of Algebra
J P     Aristotle
K S    4 Colour Theorem
L B    Sir Isaac Newton
T C    Emma Lehmer
K H   Raphael Bombelli
M J   Plato
S L    Joanne Lambert
K L    Edwin Hubble
A P    Buckminster Fuller
M L   William Burnside
J T     George Boole
Algebra 2

B C   Archimedes

T F   Fred Hoyle

A G   Vladmir Fock


K N   Thomas Young

A P   Robert Boyle

L P    Albert Einstein


K R   J. Willard Gibbs

C T   Galileo Galilei

S T    Leonhard Euler


B W   Charles Babbage

C W   Carl Gauss

K Y     Gotthold Eisenstien


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