Copy of Calculus MCC


Course Number:
Title: High School Calculus
Date of Syllabus: Fall 2008
Instructor: Rowen Monks      743-2428 (school)      775-0927 (home)
Credit: Text: Calculus 5th ed. Larson/Hostetler/Edwards D.C. Heath & Company
Other Materials: Any calculator with scientific notation, exponents and square roots.
Objectives: To understand the basic concepts of the Cartesian Plane, functions, limits, differentiation, applications of differentiation, integration, logarithmic, exponential and other transcendental functions, and applications of integration.
Exams: There will be weekly quizzes covering the assignments over the previous week, tests covering the individual chapters discussed, and a final exam covering the material throughout the semester. The point “break down” goes as follows:
Quizzes - closed note, closed book worth 50 points Tests - open note, closed book worth 100 points Final - open note, closed book worth 200 points
Homework: A few problems will be assigned from each section covered based on the projected timeline (please see lesson plans), but these homework problems will not be individually graded. I perform a quiz each week on random homework problems to test competency. If you do your homework, those problems will be on the quiz, and you’ve just demonstrated mastery of the topic.
Grading Scale: I grade on total point value, not on a weighted curve. The scale is as follows: A - 93% - 100% B - 85% - 92% C - 78% - 84% D - 70% - 77% F - Below 69%
Additional Notes: Of course there are things that are not listed on this one page syllabus that are covered in class. Things happen, and rules change. Please see me or call me if you have any questions about this class if there is any confusion. I look forward to having you as students, and for the first days of school to commence. Calculus Homework (if all goes as planned...)